Fidelity Bank Recruitment Portal for Fresh Graduates

The Fidelity Bank Recruitment Portal for Fresh Graduates is opening for eligible individuals to apply.

Fidelity Bank, a leading financial institution in Nigeria, has achieved a noteworthy milestone. They have successfully finalized the acquisition of Union Bank UK and, at the same time unveiled new employment prospects for recent Nigerian graduates.

The Graduate Trainee Programme, as outlined by Fidelity Bank, is not merely about recruitment; it is an investment in the future. This program aims to attract young, talented individuals and nurture them, preparing them to be future leaders capable of driving the bank’s strategic objectives in both the short and long term.

This article looks into the specifics of these significant developments, offering insights into the job openings and the strategic acquisition.

Fidelity Bank Recruitment

Fidelity Bank Recruitment Portal for Fresh Graduates comprise of enticing job openings tailored specifically for Nigerian graduates who are enthusiastic about kick starting their careers. Fidelity Bank has introduced has taken a noteworthy stride by extending these employment opportunities to recent graduates, even if they lack previous work experience, as long as they meet specific minimum criteria.

Fidelity Bank is taking a positive approach to receive new talent into its fold, and this move comes particularly timely for recent Nigerian graduates.

Job Description

Relationship Officer –  Full time

  • Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of Second-Class Lower Division or Upper Credit for HND holders from an accredited Institution. Third-Class / Lower Credit holders must possess a Master’s Degree.
  • Experience: 2 Years and above Work Experience
  • Location: Nationwide
  • Job Field: Consumer and Commercial Banking
  • Job Category: Experienced Hire

Job Objective(s)

  • Assist customers get value for their money, make the right choices and make their money work for them.
  • Also be the number one resource for customers to get advice on their account.  Speaking with customers would also be a large part of your day to day work either over the phone or face to face in addition to providing solution to their financial needs.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Ensure adequate adherence to Credit policies, processes and procedures.
  • Book deals for new deposits within 24 hours.
  • Follow up on processing of roll-over of investments and delivery of investment letters to customers within 24 hours of maturity.
  • Responsible for opening new accounts and follow-up on outstanding documentation.
  • Update and follow up on returned cheques every morning.
  • Follow up on customer’s requests such as pay-in cheques, collect cash, process drafts, process transactions, etc.
  • Update new deposits and new accounts on the system daily.
  • Responsible for the provision and safe keeping of customers’ information and files.
  • Responsible for recording new accounts, deposits and FX transactions daily.
  • Ensure proper custodianship of the unit’s registers.
  • Make daily/periodic reports to the Branch Leader on marketing activities and/or prompt potential businesses in pipeline needing senior support, including other reports as may be required by Management from time to time.
  • Follow up and ensure prompt recovery of Past Due Accounts under your management.
  • Participate in all marketing plans and strategy development initiatives of the Branch Leader that will increase the market share/market penetration of the Branch.
  • Ensure prompt response to internal correspondences i.e. memos/mails from within the Bank requiring your attention and/or response.
  • Support other marketing and non-marketing staff junior to you through on-the-job coaching, in-house training and development and account management support.
  • Ensure sound work attitude, good working relationship with your supervisor/ colleagues and above all, your integrity/character must be above board.
  • Carry out any other duty that may be assigned to you from time to time by the supervisor.

Fidelity Bank Recruitment Portal for Fresh Graduates

To be eligible for Fidelity Bank’s Recruitment positions, candidates must hold a minimum of a Second-Class Lower Degree from an accredited university or an Upper Credit for HND holders. Additionally, applicants must have completed the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program and hold their discharge certificate.

For those interested in taking the first step towards a rewarding career with Fidelity Bank, more information and the application process can be found on Fidelity Career Portal.

Fidelity Bank Recruitment Portal

Are you prepared to embark on your initial journey into the world of banking? Discover the possibilities presented by Fidelity Bank and contemplate the option of enrolling in their Graduate Trainee Programme. Additionally, with Fidelity Bank’s strategic acquisitions expanding their reach, it’s clear that the financial world is poised for exciting times ahead.



Take Point

Fidelity Bank is in search of individuals who are enthusiastic about acquiring new knowledge, advancing professionally, evolving, and making valuable contributions to the bank’s aspiration of becoming a market leader in all their served regions. If you think you possess these attributes, then Fidelity Bank’s Graduate Trainee Programme could be the ideal chance for you.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)


What is Fidelity Bank Recruitment Portal for Fresh Graduates?

Fidelity Bank’s Recruitment Portal for Fresh Graduates is an online platform where the bank posts job vacancies specifically tailored for recent graduates who are looking to start their careers in the banking industry.

How can I access Fidelity Bank Recruitment Portal for Fresh Graduates?

You can access the portal by visiting Fidelity Bank’s official website and navigating to the “Careers” or “Job Opportunities” section. There, you will find a link to the portal.

What positions are available for fresh graduates on Fidelity Bank’s portal?

The available positions may vary, but typically, Fidelity Bank offers entry-level roles, such as Graduate Trainee positions, for fresh graduates.

Are there any specific eligibility criteria for applying through this portal?

Yes, there may be specific eligibility criteria for each position. These criteria typically include minimum educational qualifications, such as a bachelor’s degree, and other job-related requirements.

How can I apply for Fidelity Bank’s Graduate Trainee Programme?

To apply for the Graduate Trainee Programme, visit the official application portal for detailed instructions.

What documents or information do I need to provide when applying for a position on the portal?

You will likely need to submit your resume or curriculum vitae (CV), academic transcripts, and any other relevant documents or information requested in the job posting.

Is there a deadline for submitting applications through Fidelity Bank Recruitment Portal?

Yes, each job posting on the portal will have its own application deadline. It’s essential to review the job posting for specific deadlines and apply accordingly.

Can I track the status of my application on the portal?

Yes, you may be able to track the status of your application through the portal, which often provides updates on whether your application has been received, reviewed, or progressed to the next stage of the recruitment process.

Are there any additional resources or support available for applicants using the portal, such as tips for interviews or resume building?

Fidelity Bank may provide additional resources, such as interview tips and resume-building guidance, on their official website or through their HR department. It’s advisable to explore these resources to enhance your application and interview preparation.

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