Apply for N10 Million Grant BATCN Foundation Farmers for the Future Program

The BATCN Foundation Farmers for the Future Program – Farmers for the Future (F4F) Grant is an Agricultural Entrepreneurship Grant aimed to provide young people with viable Agri-Business with equity-free capital and other associated support they may need to scale their businesses.

The project was designed and supported by the British American Tobacco Nigeria Foundation (BATNF) in collaboration with NYSC and is being implemented by the FATE Foundation. It is aimed at current National youths Service Corps (NYSC) members as part of BATNF’s efforts to encourage and support youngsters in sustainable agriculture.

Curriculum Overview

The BATCN Foundation Farmers for the Future Program is a virtual program focused on capacity building on essential knowledge, strategies, skills, and tools to build sustainable businesses within the Agribusiness value chain. The sessions will be led by various industry leaders and professionals from the Agribusiness and entrepreneurship ecosystems, who will use a pedagogical approach to help entrepreneurs create networks and encourage group/team work for better learning. The solid learning structure includes virtual interactive class sessions, workshops, case studies, plenary sessions, and group activities.

The Farmers for the Future program curriculum has been intended to educate aspiring and fledgling entrepreneurs within the Agribusiness value chain with insight and necessary information to discover varied market potentials and understand how to create a structured business plan to strategically grow their business.


BATCN Foundation Farmers for the Future Program Curriculum

The Curriculum is intensive and includes:

  • Entrepreneurship Mindset
  • Design thinking/innovation/problem-solving
  • Developing Business Plan
  • Business Model Canvass
  • Product Development Strategy
  • Marketing/Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Managing Business Operations
  • Financial Literacy
  • Business pitch skills

Benefits of BATCN Foundation Farmers for the Future Program

The BATCN Foundation Farmers for the Future Program is FREE to all entrepreneurs that successfully complete the two application rounds thanks to the backing of the British American Tobacco Nigeria Foundation. The British American Tobacco Nigeria Foundation scholarship covers all direct course fees, including course materials, data support, and post-program support.

This is a virtual training, and each entrepreneur enrolling in the program is anticipated to be a Corp member in the Agribusiness field with less than 3 months left in their service year. This will be confirmed during the shortlisting/selection process as well.

  • Business Support
  • Mentoring
  • Access to Free Business Support Tools & Applications
  • Funding and Market Linkages
  • Grant

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Application Process

Stage I: Interested applicants must complete the application form here and upload the following document:


Stage II: Following a review of all received applications, 50 candidates will be shortlisted for a 10-20 minutes phone/video interview after which 20 applicants will be shortlisted for the program.

Stages of Competition


1. Submit Your Application

The online application portal will be available for you to send in your applications

2. Virtual Bootcamp

20 Selected businesses will go through a rigorous virtual bootcamp where they will refine their business thesis and build a compelling pitch.ts.

3. Pitch Event & Award

The top 10 businesses from the bootcamp will pitch before a panel of expert judges and investors. 3 winners will be selected.

4. Mentorship

The 3 Winners will be given financing to execute, strengthen, advance and scale their businesses under the guidance of seasoned mentors. They will also be connected to the relevant networks they require to make progress

5. Join The Farmers For The Future Alumni

Continue to enjoy exclusive access to expert mentorship, insider opportunities and a robust support network that will open doors to follow on financing, new markets, etc.



Access to Finance

The top 6 finalists will win an equity-free grant of NGN 10 million (₦3m for the first Prize, ₦ 2m for 2nd Prize, and ₦ 1m for 3rd Prize)

Linkage to financial institutions and investors for follow-on financing and/or credit facilities

Winners will get technical support to establish their agribusiness

 Training & Capacity Building

  • Participation in an intensive “Think-through-your-business” boot camp
  • Mentorship under seasoned entrepreneurs and Agric Experts
  • Membership of the F4F alumni network
  • Participation in other partner-drive training programs
  • Support with business registration & other legal & regulatory requirements


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