Part-Time Jobs in Canada for Students.

Canada is incredulously highly costly.The average cost of living in Canada is such a way that a  family of four estimated monthly costs are $3,921.5 without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are $1,094.5 without rent.For those who are eager to study or work in Canada, the good news is that living costs are typically lower in Canada for foreign students than they are in other industrialized countries like the USA, UK, and Australia. Students in Canada need to have CAD $12,000 annually or around CAD $3,500 monthly to live comfortably.

This article gives you student jobs you can do ,its overview,description and its annual revenue.

(1)Jobs On Campus


There are a whole range of jobs for international students on campus – such as at the athletic center, the library, or with an organization whose work you care about. Furthermore, getting a job on campus isn’t just convenient. It likewise allows you to turn out to be significantly more associated with the students community – as well as assist you with networking with different students and professors you might not have in any case met through your studies.

Daily Earnings

The amount you earn will to rely upon where you work on campus. Notwithstanding, you will make basically the lowest pay permitted by law. This is different in every province but ranges somewhere from $11.45 and $16 CAD/hour across the  country.

(2)Tour Guide


Are you someone who loves to tour and can get to guide people coming to that destination to tour the city?Or you are an energetic person who loves travelling?This is for you.Whether you work in a museum or a tourist attraction ,or a walking tour,you will get to share the knowledge you have of your area of expertise -the new city.You have the opportunity to meet different people ,learn different languages and get to make new friends or even give tours in your language.

Daily Earnings

As a tour guide,you could make $15.50 CAD/hour on average in Canada.

(3)Dog Walker


Dogs are known to be faithful and loyal companions, protective of their masters and territory.If you are used to having a dog at home,it  can feel a little boring not to be with your hairy friend while studying in school. You can do jobs such as dog walking to minimize stress,give you great performance in making you a better human while walking a dog and making your exercise more enabling excellence performance.

Daily Revenue:

As a dog walker,you could make a minimum of $13 CAD/per hour.

(4)Sales Assistants


Sales assistants perform a variety of tasks, ranging from administration, selling, market research and customer support. Careers in sales, through lucrative and dynamic can also be largely unpredictable.Being a sales assistant is a great way to practice your language skills in a fast-paced environment.

Daily Revenue:

You could make $17 CAD/per hour as a sales assistant.

(5)Residence Advisor


A residence advisor is an undergraduate student who lives in residence with fellow students (usually 1st years) and is responsible for their well-being on campus. They acts as mentors,help to grow the community,plan team-building events and so on for students.

It’s an excellent job to put on your resume to demonstrate those important leadership skills. Additionally, many residence advisors get a rent subsidy – which is a good benefit.

Daily Earnings:

Suprisingly,you could make up to $7500-$9000 CAD/per two semesters.



There are lots of jobs for students that are up for grabs and are in high demand in Canada.The mentioned jobs are little out of many that are in high demand that you can get to know and apply for in companies or organizations in Canada.












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