NPower Stipend Payment Latest News 30th August 2023 – Npower Batch C Stream

In today NPower Stipend Payment Latest News 30th August 2023 – Npower Batch C Stream update, we’ll cover the most recent developments regarding NPower stipend payments, focusing on Batch C beneficiary, nasims login.

Today’s Latest Npower News, Npower stipends payment news, will discuss the most current advancements pertaining to the payment. Latest News on NPower Stipend Payment, NPower Payment, NPower Stipend Payment Update, and Npower News Today 2023 Npower Stipend News, The most recent information about Npower Batch C1, Npower C2 payments, Npower Batch C news, and Npower non-graduate payments Nasims News Today’s most recent Npower Batch C Stream news Continue reading!

Nasims News On Payment Today: NPower Stipend Payment Latest News 

On the NPower Stipend Payment Latest News The NPower Nasims administration has confirmed an ongoing issue related to unpaid stipends from 2022 through its various social media platforms. Adding to this, the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, now renamed the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, has resumed operations in Abuja under the guidance of a new Minister, Dr. Betta Chimaobim Edu. This development has sparked hope among 136 million impoverished Nigerians.

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Beneficiaries can now access the Nasims website and navigate to the payroll tab for updates on their payment status. If you recently verified your NPower account and are curious about your pending payroll payment, it’s likely still in progress. It’s important to note that Nasims has successfully recovered most of the data lost during the recent update to their self-service portal. To stay informed, recipients can now conveniently use the Nasims self-service portal.

NPower Stipend Payment Latest News


Shifting to the latest news on NPower stipend payments, the situation for Batch C beneficiaries has taken a concerning turn. A letter, signed by National Publicity Secretary Gbadebo Adesiyan, highlights the distressing fact that millions of unemployed Nigerian graduates encompassed by the NPower scheme have not received stipends for eight consecutive months. These beneficiaries have turned to President Bola Tinubu for urgent assistance.

The letter emphasizes the hardships these individuals are enduring due to the nonpayment of stipends, which has plunged them into financial uncertainty. Adesiyan reveals that no beneficiaries from Batch C have received any payments from August onwards, spanning from January to July. The delay is reportedly linked to the presidency’s failure to approve or allocate funds to the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) account.

Nasims News On Payment Today

In the letter’s opening lines, Adesiyan passionately appeals to President Bola Tinubu, shedding light on the national significance of the issue. He implores swift action to alleviate the suffering of unemployed graduates who depend on the NPower program for their livelihoods. The delay has not only thwarted financial relief but has worsened their already challenging circumstances, pushing them deeper into poverty and despair.

To summarize, today’s NPower Stipend Payment Latest News | Nasims news on payment unveils the persistent problem of unpaid stipends for NPower Batch C beneficiaries. The Ministry’s new direction under Dr. Betta Chimaobim Edu raises hopes, while Batch C recipients continue to grapple with the distressing lack of stipend payments. Despite these difficulties, the call for urgent intervention seeks to rekindle faith in the government’s commitment to the welfare of its citizens.

Stay tuned for further updates on this evolving situation.

NPower Stipend Payment Latest News - Npower Batch C Stream


BENEFICIARY: Hello Npower My Dashboard Changed from Applicant to Beneficiary, but payroll empty, Does that means I Have been Selected?

NPOWER: Yes, You have been selected as a beneficiary of the program.

BENEFICIARY: People are hungry please when are we expecting our January to August stipends?

NPOWER: Kindly note that payment for the said months has not been initiated yet, the technical team is working to resolve it. We apologized for the delay. Kind Regards.

BENEFICIARY: Npower abeg help us settle our backlogs we N-Build.

NPOWER: We apologize for the delay in the payment of N-Build, N-Knowledge, N-Technology and N-Creative stipends, you will be paid soon. Thank you for patience.

BENEFICIARY: I am C1 and my payroll is showing empty and I have 3 month unpaid stipend…

NPOWER: Kindly observe your dashboard for a while as it will be rectified by our technical team shortly, stay tuned.

BENEFICIARY: My issues is empty payroll I didn’t receive any payment yet but I’m beneficiary

NPOWER: We urge you to be patient and be expectant as you will get paid.

BENEFICIARY: I cannot access my dashboard, it keep saying “Invalid email provided”.

NPOWER: Kindly give it some time, it will be resolved by our technical team or you should  wait till the completion of the transition process.

BENEFICIARY: I am unable to Validate my profile, it keeps saying “access denied”

NPOWER: Please kindly ensure you are filling in your correct N-Power ID number and try again.

BENEFICIARY: I am C2 and I have not received my august and September stipends for last year, what is the problem?

NPOWER: Please note that backlog payment will commence soon, we apologize for the delay.

BENEFICIARY: I’m very hungry like lion please.

NPOWER: We apologies for that sir.

BENEFICIARY: Please one of my payment was Failed and reason said (Timeout waiting for response from destination) please what should I do?

NPOWER: Please be informed that for all failed payment, beneficiaries should cannot their various banks.


Stay tuned for further updates on Npower.

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