Npower Batch C Beneficiary Pending Payment commences: Npower Stipend News

Latest news on Npower Batch C Beneficiary Pending Payment – Welcome to Npower Stipend News.

To all C2 that has successfully validated their account, payments for October, November, December has commence. Any moment from now you will receive alert from Npower

Recall that Dr. Betta Chimaobim Edu is the new leader of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria. She started her role on Monday at the ministry’s main office in Abuja. Her arrival brings hope to 136 million poor people in Nigeria.

This news comes from an official statement signed by Rhoda Iliya, the Deputy Director of Information at the Ministry. Dr. Edu has officially changed the name of the ministry from “Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development” to “Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation.”

Dr. Betta Edu ministration seems to have brought Goodnews for all Npower Batch C stream 2 beneficiary as all pending payment will be received payment any moment from now till next week.

Few days from Minister of Emotion and Welfare office Dr Betta Edu has ordered the continue payment of N-Power workers, since early Thursday morning their payment has been continued. We urge the Beneficiary to exercise patient for their payment.

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Who is Eligible to Receive Npower Batch C Beneficiary Pending Payment?

N-power Stipend News – As Npower Batch C Beneficiary Pending Payment commences, those eligible to receive payments are Batch C2 beneficiaries that has successfully validated their account details. The October, November, and December backlogs will be paid directly into the beneficiary’s account.

Recall that some changes took place on Npower Batch C Dashboards where some Applicant status changed to Beneficiary and this has left most people asking questions such as:

What if you weren’t a beneficiary before but now turned to beneficiary after the validation, we didn’t do physical verification and we don’t have a place of PPA?

Well the truth is that NASIMS hasn’t made any statement as regard the changes and so the question of receiving payments still remains answered. But be rest assured that as soon as we get substantial information about the applicants that changed to beneficiary, we will notify you through our post. So please, bookmark our page and turn on the notification button to receive notification on our next updates.

Beneficiary with Empty payroll what is our stand?

Npower/NASIMS Today Latest Update

Congratulations to Beneficiaries with empty payroll! Check your dashboards your payroll status has been changed…months to be paid have been included now…… showing pending… Congratulations. If yours hasn’t changed, don’t give for NASIMS is working towards the empty payroll issue and as soon as substantial information is tendered, you will be updated.

UPDATE: payment of backlogs is ongoing – Validated accounts only

There is good news for N-power participants nationwide! The Npower program’s managers, known as Nasims, have corrected an error that raised a lot of concern. Npower beneficiaries’ status has been changed from “applicants” to “BENEFICIARY,” which is what it should have been all along. Confusion has been caused by this mix-up for a while, but it has been resolved now.

For those of you that has received November and December backlogs payment, information reaching us is that outstanding January, February, and March, will be initiated soon.

As Npower Batch C Beneficiary Pending Payment is ongoing, some beneficiaries are complaining of seeing failed on their payment status with reason “Response received too late, status could not be determined”. This has left many worried as to the cause of the problem and NASIMS has not made any statement concerning the issue.

NPOWER Payment of backlogs

If you are among the beneficiaries experiencing this problem, we advice you contact the NASIMS support at or call any of the dedicated support center: 092203102, 018888148 for help.

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Do I need to do another fingerprint capturing so as to receive payment from NASIMS?

Don’t do anything without the directive from Nasims officials.

What is the meaning of LMS on the dash board?

LMS simply means Last Month Stipend.

My dashboard is not opening, what should I do please?

Ensure to enter your email and password correctly. If problem persist, contact the NASIMS support.

Will I receive payment without validating my account?

Whether you updated your dashboard or not, NASIM will still pay you and provided you are eligible to receive payment.

Have any applicants that apply for n- teach change to beneficiary?

Yes, most applicants’ status has changed to beneficiary

Am a beneficiary but why is my payroll empty?

Once you are eligible to receive payments, your payroll will automatically change to pending.

Is NPower still going to pay non-graduate 10,000 or 30,000 too?

Although some beneficiaries that applied as non-gradaute claims to have receive 30,000 stipend, the specified payment for non-graduate by NASIMS is 10,000.

Now that I’m a graduate can it be possible for me to update my NPower status from no graduate to graduate and it would reflect?

NASIMS hasn’t tendered any information as per updating from non-graduate to graduate. Don’t update anything yet until NASIMS gives a go ahead order to do so.

I applied as a graduate and even uploaded my certificate, but am seeing 10k as my remuneration?

It might be as a result on the changes that NASIMS are making on their portal. Don’t panic the problem will be fixed by the officials once the changes are completed.

I was shortlisted on July 12 stream C2 and I was ask to validate my information which I did, what’s the next thing to do?

Those shortlisted and has done their validations should patently wait for their stipends.

What is the Latest Npower Stipend News?

Latest news on Npower Stipend is that payments of backlogs are ongoing.

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