Apply Now for Housekeeping Jobs in USA Sponsored by Visas

One position that doesn’t require any experience or qualifications to apply for is a housekeeping jobs in USA with visa sponsorship. Are you trying to figure out how you can acquire a job cleaning in the United States? If so, sponsoring a visa would not be a bad idea at all.

Are you planning to visit the US in quest of employment? Would you desire a free visa to work as a housekeeper in the United States? Then, you should stay with this article since it guarantees to provide you with all the knowledge you require on this subject.

Housekeeping Jobs in the USA with Sponsored Visas

As it is common knowledge that many people have left their home countries and emigrated to the United States with little or no money spent, finding a cleaning job in the United States with Visa sponsorship is worth your time and attention.

Although it is fairly simple to find work in the US, it will be more simpler if you have the right credentials and paperwork. This is essential since nobody would want to hire a novice. As a result, in order to earn qualifications, you must match the job for which you are seeking.

An international worker who wants to work in the US frequently finds it challenging to obtain a work visa. Have you considered obtaining this visa while also finding employment for yourself? Well, one simple method to do it is through visa sponsorship.

Who is a Housekeeper in USA?

A housekeeper is a person who is in charge of managing housekeeping personnel. As a result, they carry out a variety of minor cleaning tasks to keep private residences or commercial buildings like hotels and hospitals tidy and clean.

What are Housekeeping Jobs?

Cleaning and reporting any safety concerns to the homeowner or management in charge are tasks carried out by housekeepers as part of their job duties. Making beds, refilling bedding, cleaning rooms and hallways, and vacuuming are among other responsibilities.

Different Types of Housekeeping Jobs In USA

In the United States, there are numerous housekeeping positions that accept sponsorship for visas. However, in order to get hired in the United States, you must fulfill a specific condition.

There are also “cleaners,” “live-in housekeepers,” “live-out housekeepers,” “house managers/housekeepers,” and “housekeeper cleaning firms” among these housekeeping positions.

A housekeeper is not the same thing as a cleaner, which provides basic cleaning services. They might therefore be utilized for end-of-tenancy cleans or in more professional cleaning settings.

They may be utilized in the private house for brief visits, which may be frequent, although they are rarely employed full-time for one property. You can expect to make between $22,230 and $31,320 annually as a cleaner, and they typically make between $15.35 and $20.12 per hour.

You should be aware that the aforementioned sum is subject to change and may not correspond to what some businesses or property owners give.

Live-in Housekeepers         

This kind of housekeeping service is highly well-liked. They can be an employee of the property on a full- or part-time basis, and as part of the deal, they receive housing.

A housekeeper is a highly skilled professional who can clean, maintain cleanliness, and guarantee the utmost care for your home and belongings.

When employed, a live-in housekeeper can earn between $30,000 and $39,221 annually, or between $12.34 and $16.21 per hour. (This sum varies according to the diversity of home owners and businesses.) As a result, your employer and you discuss the amount of your monthly payments.

Housekeeper/House Manager
The next level of meals is a housekeeper who also manages the house. Here, the housekeeper can offer further assistance with house management.

Along with the usual housekeeping tasks, this could entail managing administrative tasks, contractors, household routes, or timetables, and making sure the property is taken care of.

House managers or housekeepers are multi-task people whose average salary ranges from $37, 357 to $40,000 per year and $13.21 to $16.31 per hour.

Well, you should note that the given amount varies, hence, a proposal and a negotiation will have to be made between you and your anticipating employer to get a set amount or salary.

Stay-at-Home Housekeeper
In the interim, a live-out housekeeper may work either full- or part-time hours. You have a responsibility to perform cleaning, organizing, and wardrobe management tasks as a live-out housekeeper. Additionally, as time passes, new duties may be introduced.

For homes without enough room for a housekeeper to live in the client’s home, live-out housekeeping is a popular option.

However, the typical pay for a live-out housekeeper is from $19.12 to $20.22 per hour and $22,162 to $27,540 annually. You should be aware that the salaries mentioned above vary depending on the employers or companies.

Home Attendant Housekeeping
In hotels and motels, housekeeping staff members are employed. They organize and clean the rooms, including bedrooms, baths, and conference spaces. Additionally, they include fresh towels and other necessities. They receive an average yearly pay of $32,231 to $37,224 and an hourly wage of $18.12 to $20.12.

Room Service
The duties of a room attendant include making beds, changing towels, and maintaining restrooms. Additionally, they treat customers politely and always ensure that their rooms are well-stocked, tidy, and welcoming. They accept salaries averaging between $13.23 and $16.13 per hour and $26,731 to $32,612 annually. However, this sum may vary due to variations in corporate policies.

Full-time housekeeping, waxing, and floor stripping
They are in charge of completely clearing the floor of any dirt, old wax, and debris. It is typically one of the hardest and longest-lasting occupations in the professional cleaning sector. The work is fantastic, though. They simply receive an hourly wage of $12.22 to $16.12 and an annual compensation ranging from $24,317 to $30,236. This sum is subject to fluctuate over time.

Technician for Environmental Services
An environmental service technician is a housekeeper who looks after the cleanliness and hygienic conditions on the premises of a hospital or healthcare facility. In addition to handling and properly disposing of biological waste, they are involved in routine janitorial duties. On average, they make between $25000 and $37000 per year, or between $13.23 and $16.13 per hour.

Principal Housekeeper
The daily operations of the housekeeping department are under the control of the lead housekeeper. They are in charge of a group of janitors, maids, and housekeepers. The hotel’s lead housekeeper is in charge of making sure that every space is kept tidy and maintained. They receive an hourly wage of between $13.21 and $16.31 and an annual pay between $24,963 and $31,037 on average.

Requirements and Skills For Housekeeping Jobs in USA

You must adhere to specific guidelines if you want to become a housekeeper doing the Housekeeping Jobs in USA. Knowing you are eligible for the position, you will ensure you meet requirements such as:

(1) Being available to work on weekends, holidays, and late evenings.
(2) A keen eye for detail and knowledge of drink-mixing equipment and methods
(3) Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.
(4) basic computer and math abilities.
(5) Positive disposition, captivating charisma, and polished appearance.
(6) powerful time and task management skills.
(7) cleaning experience that can be proven.
handling of large gear and equipment.
(8)really trustworthy and responsible.
(9) a working knowledge of material safety data sheets.
(10) understanding of cleaning products and chemicals.
(11) the capacity to cooperate well as a team.
(12) possess knowledge of material safety data sheets

You must possess these abilities and fulfill these qualifications to work as a housekeeper.

Duties/Responsibility For Housekeeping Jobs in USA

When looking for employment, you should think about a Housekeeping Jobs in USA that requires visa sponsorship. Therefore, you might have a look at the list below if you’re unsure of some of the obligations and duties of a housekeeper.

(1) Maintain, stock, and provide specified facilities.
(2) Make alterations and little fixes.
(3) To offer the best possible service to visitors, assists other departments as needed.
(4) Perform and record normal maintenance and inspection tasks.
(5) accountable for performing all necessary basic cleaning in and around the apartment or office complex.
(6) liners, removes and replaces trash, and vacuums.
(7) transports filthy lines to the proper cleaning locations and replenishes those locations with clean lines.
(8) Installs, maintains, and replenishes cleaning materials and equipment.
(9) Empties trash, cleans and sanitizes bathroom fixtures, cleans marriages, and performs spot cleaning on walls and doors in specific areas.

Benefits of Housekeeping Jobs in USA

There are several advantages to becoming a housekeeper, including this. In addition to giving you the much-needed peace of mind and ensuring your comfort, it also ensures a comprehensive, deeper, and more intense cleaning as well as a healthy and happy environment.

How to Apply for Housekeeping Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

It is fairly simple to apply for a job as a prospective immigrant. The good news is that you will receive a job offer and a complimentary visa.

But only after you’ve applied for a job and received a job offer in your name will this happen. So, in order to apply for a visa, you must do the following:

(1) Make sure you are first equipped for the position.
(2) Create a well-organized resume and cover letter.
(3) Use any internet resource to find a US job you prefer, including LinkedIn,, and other websites.
(4) After that, you will need to wait while the employer reviews your file and, if they decide you are qualified for the position, they will send you a job offer.
(5) The business will then need to submit a job petition for certification to the USICS and US Labor Market Institute.

Next, you will be instructed to apply for a visa with the job offer letter sent to you in your name.

Housekeeping Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship Interview Questions

You must successfully complete an online interview in order to get hired, and if you do, your visa sponsorship and job will both be guaranteed. The following questions and responses can assist you in navigating an interview successfully.

What Motivates You to Become a Housekeeper?
I want to work as a housekeeper since I enjoy multitasking and can do all of my chores well. I try harder to deliver my best work as a result.

What cleaning agents are you accustomed to using?
Others include alkalis, bleach, degreaser, surface sanitizer, and detergents.

Describe your relationship with your client.
I make sure to treat them with the utmost respect, prioritize their needs and satisfaction, and guarantee that they are happy with my services. In addition, I make them feel at ease.

Describe What You Would Do if a Client Was Not Happy with Your Work                                I will accept correction and work harder as a housekeeper so that my client is happy. This is because we put our customers’ delight first.

What safety precautions should a housekeeper take?
Avoid spilling water on the floor, handle delicate items with care, and keep cleaning supplies in a secure location.

Why Would You Rather Work in the US Than Your Own Country?
I would like to expand the experience I already have from working as a housekeeper in my home country, and I believe working in the US will enable me to do that. This is why I prefer to work there.

How many years have you been a housekeeper?
In my own country, I have been a housekeeper for three years. I’m skilled at housekeeping, so finding jobs in the United States will be much simpler for me.

Sponsorship of H1B Work Visas for Housekeepers
Are you an outsider looking for employment in the US? Have you attempted to obtain an H1B or 1B visa but been unsuccessful? Well, without taking the necessary steps, you cannot obtain an H1B visa.

These are just a few examples of a housekeeper’s digs.

  • If you are anticipating getting an H1B visa, the first thing to do is to first, to make a good CV and make an online written job application letter that US employers will love to see.
  • Then, use the internet platform to search for a suitable job you will like to do.
  • Apply for it online using a website like and wait for a response from the company you applied to. If you are lucky, you will be called for an online interview.
  • If you are considered for the job, your employer will have to review the job description to ensure it qualifies as a speciality occupation.
  • Next, determine the rate of pay for the position. This negotiation should be between you and your supposed employer.
  • When that is done, your employer will notify the US workforce.
  • Lastly, he or she (the employer) will submit a labour condition application to the DOL for certification. Furthermore, he or she will state a petition to the US embassy for Visa.

However, if your employer has done the above, you will be instructed by him or her to apply for a visa at an embassy in your home country. Note, the H1B visa and 1B visa are the same types of visa.

Other Important Work Visa to Apply for as a Housekeeper

Outside the H1B or 1B visa, there are other useful visa types you can apply for and some of them include:

  • H2B visa.
  • J1 Visa.

H2B Work Visa 

This type of visa can simply be used by United State employers or companies to temporarily hire nonimmigrants to perform nonagricultural labour or services in the United States. The visa, however, due to its temporary nature lasts for a limited period of time. Notwithstanding, you can simply apply for an extension which your time of stay completes. The H2B visa can also be used by housekeepers for sponsorship.

J1 Work Visa 

This is really a direct visa for most housekeeping jobs because is based on approved participation in work and study. You can simply apply for this visa if your sponsor is willing to see you through school as you work.

Where to Work as a Housekeeper in USA 

Housekeepers can work at many places, well, you have to be good at what you do just to get the attention of top personalities. Housekeepers can work within various residential and commercial settings. These residential environments can include,

  • Private Homes
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Office Building

Can I work in the US without Visa Sponsorship?

Yes, it is possible to obtain a work visa without sponsorship from an employer in the United States. There are three types of visa that allows this, and they are known as EB-1,0-1 and EB-5 visas.

EB-1 Work Visa

The EB-1 work visa is a type of visa that gives people who have extraordinary skills and abilities the opportunity to move to the United States Permanently. This visa type is for people with exceptional skills in arts, sciences, athletics, business, etc.

The visa type is also for researchers and professors recognized internationally for their immense contributions in their career fields. With this type of visa, you don’t need a job offer from a U.S employee.

O-1 Work Visa

The O-1 Work Visa is very similar to the EB-1 work visa and it offers its holders easy access to apply for a U.S green card. The O-1 visa type is for people with extraordinary abilities and achievements especially those in the television industry or motion picture. This visa lasts for three years and holders can apply for an extension after it has expired.

EB-5 Work Visa 

The EB-5 Work Visa is another type of visa that allows foreigners to live and work in the United States without a job offer. This visa type is for foreigners who wish to make meaningful investments in the United States.

When you get this visa, you will be issued a Green card (Permanent Resident card) as well as your family members.

How much are Housekeepers Paid in the USA?

Maids and housekeepers made a median salary of $26,220. The best-paid 25 per cent made $31,320 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 paid 25 per cent made $22,230.

Do US Companies Sponsor Visas?

The United State Citizenship and immigration service require that American companies sponsor non-citizens. Companies who are having trouble filling roles in their business often turn to sponsor a nonimmigrant worker by use of the H1B visa.

When Should I ask for Visa Sponsorship?

There is no clear answer to when to ask for sponsorship. The right depends on the relationship you have built with your potential employer.

If not getting sponsorship means you wouldn’t accept the job, then it’s going to be much more important to bring it up early in the hiring process.

However, it has been stated clearly by the US authorities, that you are only allowed to ask visa when you have gotten a job offer in your name.

Where to Find Housekeeping Jobs in USA

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