How To Build a Professional Work Portfolio To Improve Your Job Search In Canada

As a newbie looking for your first job in Canada, standing out from the pack isn’t always easy. This is why you should take every opportunity to ensure you’re doing all the right things to impress employers. One of the ways to do this is by showcasing your accomplishments with a work portfolio.

In this article, we break down what a professional work portfolio is and which roles require a portfolio as a part of the job application process.


While a Canadian-style resume is commonly a couple of page synopsis of your experience, abilities and accomplishments, a work portfolio develops this and gives substantial confirmation of your skill.As a newbie, including tests of your best work, whether these are from prior positions (with the businesses’ consent, obviously) or something you did in your extra time, can assist bosses and recruiting chiefs with envisioning the worth you can offer that would be useful. It’s an open door to grandstand what you are fit for with visual and substantial examples of your work, as well as any honors or affirmations you have procured.


Typically, on the off chance that you are chasing after a profession in an imaginative industry, a work portfolio can give your application a lift. A few instances of occupations where you could require an expert portfolio include:

  • Website Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Writer
  • Photography
  • Advertising


It’s normal for HR experts to get many applications for one position. That is a great deal of resumes to read. Here are a few justifications for why a work portfolio gives you a benefit in your pursuit of employment:

  • Visually demonstrates your achievements:it’s not generally simple for a recruiter to envision what a candidate offers of real value and the nature of work they are able to do. It’s one thing for your resume outline to state you’re an imaginative creator who can incorporate intelligent media into a website, it’s one more to really show the hiring manager an illustration of an astonishing website you planned. An expert work portfolio with your best work gives a see of what your hands on presentation will seem to be and will assist with separating you in an interview.
  • Showcases your personal brand:A portfolio likewise assists with conveying the narrative of what your identity is and your image much better than a bullet points on a resume.
  • Create opportunities where none exist: If you were including a link to your portfolio on any site like LinkedIn, it’s also possible that your work samples may catch the eye of an employer who wasn’t on your radar or who did not have any open positions before. In such situations, it’s not unheard of for special job positions to be created for talented professionals.


There’s no right or wrong way of putting together a work portfolio. Your portfolio is an opportunity to showcase your creativity.Here are the ways to consider:

  • Think Visually
  • Keep your portfolio simple
  • Reflect on your personal brand
  • Decide what examples of your work to include.





Pen wields ,words unfold

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