Hanlim Multi Art School Tuition Fee

It is important to know the Hanlim Multi Art School Tuition Fee before enrolling.  Many individuals are drawn to the idea of traveling to South Korea for their education, primarily because Korean schools are renowned for their rigorous academic standards and their emphasis on student achievement. Among the various schools in South Korea, Hanlim often piques the interest of prospective students.

However, there is a significant concern that arises from a law passed in 2007 in South Korea, which stipulates that private institutions cannot confer educational qualifications.

Consequently, this law potentially hinders Hanlim students from pursuing higher education at universities. In a recent development, in April 2021, it was announced that Hanlim would not be accepting new students for the upcoming school year.

Fortunately, Hanlim is still allowing existing students to complete their education at the institution. This is particularly welcome news for K-pop idols who are enrolled at Hanlim.

If you’re curious about Hanlim Multi Art School Tuition Fee or what it’s like to be a student at Hanlim, continue reading to uncover more details.

About Hanlim Multi Art School

Hanlim Multi Art School, situated in Seoul’s Songpa District, South Korea, is an esteemed institution dedicated to the arts. It was originally established on March 3, 1962, under the leadership of Principal Lee Hyeon-man. Over time, it evolved into the Hanlim Multi Arts High School in 2009.

Hanlim Multi Art School

Renowned for nurturing the talents of current and aspiring members of the South Korean entertainment industry, Hanlim Multi Art School stands alongside other notable institutions like the School of Performing Arts Seoul and Lila Art High School. This school has gained considerable media attention, primarily due to the fame and success of some of its students, often highlighted during their graduation ceremonies.


Department in Hanlim Multi Art School includes the following:

  • Broadcasting & Entertainment Department
  • Musical Theatre Department
  • Practical Dance Department
  • Applied Music Department
  • Fashion Model Department
  • Film Making Department

How Much Is Hanlim Multi Art School Tuition Fee?

It’s noteworthy that attending Hanlim often means sharing classrooms with K-pop idols. Hanlim operates as a high school, and it’s important to note that high school attendance in South Korea is not mandatory. Consequently, students must cover an admission fee.

Given that Hanlim is a private institution, its tuition fees tend to be higher compared to other South Korean schools. Moreover, the cost of the school uniform at Hanlim is notably elevated in comparison to typical school uniform prices in Korea.

Generally, Korean school uniforms range from $200 to $400 USD, whereas Hanlim’s uniforms are priced at $895 USD.

For a breakdown of the expenses involved in enrolling at Hanlim, consider the following:

  • Enrollment fee – 900,000 Korean won (approximately $805 USD).
  • Lesson fees – 4 million Korean won (roughly $3,580 USD).
  • Uniform costs – 1 million Korean won (equivalent to $895 USD).

These figures provide an overview of the financial aspects associated with becoming a Hanlim student.

What Do You Study at Hanlim?

Hanlim Multi Art School is a prime destination for teenagers aspiring to receive training and education for careers in the entertainment industry, particularly to become idols. It enjoys a stellar reputation, often outshining its competitor, SOPA (School of Performing Arts Seoul). Many students who are aiming for success in the entertainment industry prefer Hanlim over SOPA due to a past scandal involving SOPA, which raised concerns about the safety of young students in inappropriate situations.


Hanlim Multi Art School stands as a preferred vocational school in Korea, offering students the opportunity to focus on receiving a comprehensive education and professional training for careers in the entertainment world. Whether their aspirations involve breaking into the Korean music scene or achieving global recognition as fashion models, Hanlim Arts School consistently ranks among the top arts schools in South Korea.

What vocational course do students take at Hanlim multi art school?

  • Performing arts department
  • Practical music department
  • Modeling department
  • Film making department
  • Broadcasting department
  • Dance department

How is Hanlim different than other high schools in Korea?

When Hanlim was established, it had a distinct vision in mind for teenagers. At that time, a significant number of teenagers in South Korea were leaving the conventional high school system, which primarily prepares students for college and university. However, this traditional path doesn’t align with the aspirations of young individuals aiming to pursue careers in the entertainment industry.

Hanlim was founded with the specific intention of catering to students who wish to delve deeper into their talents and concentrate on a specialized academic curriculum focused on entertainment. Notably, a considerable portion of the school’s student body already possesses prior experience in broadcasting, making Hanlim the ideal educational institution for them.

Are Korean Arts High Schools Expensive?

Hanlim Multi Art School and SOPA stand as the primary Korean arts schools in Seoul. It’s crucial to note that admission to these schools is exceptionally competitive; they don’t admit just any student. The stringent selection process is primarily to maintain smaller class sizes, which is essential for tailored training and education.

Enrollment in a Korean arts high school, whether it’s Hanlim, SOPA, or another performing arts institution, comes at a higher cost. These schools are regarded as vocational, focusing on specialized training. The elevated fees are an investment that allows for smaller class sizes across all departments, ensuring that students receive the precise training required to pursue careers in entertainment.

Attending a South Korean arts high school is a strategic move for aspiring idols, as it equips them with the skills and preparation needed for a future in the entertainment industry, often well before their graduation. These schools serve as launchpads for young talent aspiring to become idols.

Nevertheless, we do advice aspiring students to always check on Hanlim Multi Art School Tuition Fee before enrolling.

Pros of Korean Arts High School

One of the most significant advantages of attending Hanlim Multi Art School is the high level of competitiveness within each department. Whether a student is pursuing musical education, fashion studies, or aiming to enter the world of broadcasting, they can expect to receive top-notch arts training. The entire faculty is dedicated to nurturing the talent of every student, aiming to shape them into stars in their respective fields.

Hanlim Multi Art Students

For many teenagers, the prospect of attending a music or performing arts school is exhilarating. Over the course of three years at Hanlim, students may find themselves sharing classrooms with idols they admire. Just imagine studying practical music with the likes of SHINee’s Taemin or Tzuyu from TWICE. K-pop idols often enroll in Korean art schools like Hanlim because the flexibility of their schedules allows them to focus on both their music and broadcasting careers simultaneously.

Uniforms are a common sight in Korean schools, and this holds true for art schools due to the strict and specialized nature of their departments. However, the uniform fashion at art schools tends to be more high-end and stylish compared to other educational institutions. These uniforms contribute to the students’ prestigious appearance, perfectly aligning with their aspirations for success in the entertainment industry.

Cons of Korean Arts High School

Attending an art high school in Korea has its drawbacks, particularly concerning university education.

Only public schools in Korea provide students with the necessary education requirements to move on to university.

Hanlim, however, has not adjusted its guidelines to meet these government requirements, resulting in the school being unable to accept new freshmen. As of now, after the 2021 school year, Hanlim’s future remains uncertain.

In addition to the university-related challenges, there are various financial burdens associated with Korean arts high schools.

Despite the availability of unique majors at Hanlim, such as musical majors, video production majors, and performing arts majors, students often have to cover many school-related expenses out of their own pockets. For example, students from SOPA have reported having to pay for performing music at local events, adding to the financial strain.

Furthermore, students at arts high schools in Korea commonly face high levels of stress. The stress starts with the admission process and continues throughout their time at the school.

Maintaining a constant state of readiness is crucial, as students are expected to meet the rigorous demands of the entertainment industry in each department. The pressure is relentless, and students must consistently perform at their best to avoid consequences.

Take Point

Attending an art high school in Korea, such as Hanlim Multi Art School, offers unique opportunities for students to receive specialized training in the arts and as such, the Hanlim Multi Art School Tuition Fee should be considered.

However, there are significant drawbacks, including the school’s non-compliance with government education requirements, creating uncertainty about its future.

Additionally, the financial burden of attending these schools can be substantial, with students often required to cover various expenses. The stressful nature of Korean arts high schools, from the competitive admission process to the ongoing high demands, makes it a challenging environment.

Students considering such institutions should weigh these factors carefully before making a decision.

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