Oxford University UK & Western Michigan University USA Scholarships in 2023

he prestigious Oxford University in the UK and the esteemed Western Michigan University in the USA are offering scholarships in 2023 that could turn your dreams into reality. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of these scholarships, providing rates, application procedures, and more. So, let’s explore the opportunities that await you!

Oxford University UK Scholarships

Oxford University needs no introduction; it stands as a beacon of academic excellence and has produced some of the world’s most influential minds. This year, they are offering a range of scholarships to help students from diverse backgrounds pursue their educational aspirations.

Rhodes Scholarship

The Rhodes Scholarship is one of the most prestigious international scholarships, enabling exceptional students to study at the University of Oxford. The scholarship covers all university and college fees, a stipend for living expenses, and travel costs to and from the UK. The rates may vary, but it offers a life-changing opportunity for young scholars to engage in world-class education and leadership development.

For more information, visit the official Rhodes Scholarship page.

Clarendon Scholarship

The Clarendon Scholarship is another remarkable opportunity offered by Oxford University. It provides full financial support for graduate students across a wide range of disciplines. The scholarship covers tuition and college fees, as well as a generous grant for living expenses. This is a chance to immerse yourself in Oxford’s rich academic environment without worrying about the financial burden.

Learn about the application process and eligibility on the Clarendon Scholarship page.

Western Michigan University USA Scholarships

On the other side of the Atlantic, the Western Michigan University (WMU) in the USA is renowned for its commitment to excellence in education and research. WMU is offering various scholarships to attract bright minds from around the world.

President’s Scholarship

The President’s Scholarship at WMU is a merit-based award for international students. The rates can vary, but it’s designed to reward academic achievement and support students throughout their undergraduate studies. This scholarship not only recognizes your potential but also invests in your future success.

Check out the President’s Scholarship details for comprehensive information.

International Graduate Research Assistantships

For those seeking advanced degrees, WMU offers International Graduate Research Assistantships. These assistantships provide a stipend, tuition remission, and health benefits in exchange for research or teaching assistance. This opportunity not only eases your financial concerns but also allows you to actively contribute to the university’s academic endeavors.

To find out more, visit the Graduate College funding page.

Other International Scholarships 2023

Deji Alli ARM Young Talent Award for Young Nigerians 2023

The Deji Alli ARM Young Talent Award (DAAYTA) is an ARM initiative in collaboration with TechnoVision’s TVC Labs that aims to provide opportunities for young Nigerians to develop innovative start-up ventures that add economic value to Nigeria.

The DAAYTA 2023 initiative is in line with ARM’s commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), with the aim of building a generation of change leaders who will work together to build a better future. It seeks to support business ideas that intentionally create positive societal impact while generating a financial return.

Similar to the previous edition, DAAYTA 2023 final event will be held virtually and applications are welcomed from all parts of Nigeria.

Eligible Countries: Nigeria

To be Taken at (Country): Online

Type: Award

Number of Awards: Not specified

Value of Award: The winner of DAAYTA 2023 shall, subject to the Terms & Conditions, receive funding of ₦12,000,000 (twelve million naira) over a period of one (1) year for the following purposes:

  • contribution to working capital.
  • participation in an entrepreneurial education programme at the Pan Atlantic University’s Enterprise Development Centre in Lagos, Nigeria
  • receive a 5-month acceleration support services for the development of their venture by TVC Labs.

Apply Successfully for this award right now by following instructions provided at this link; https://vc4a.com/technovision/deji-alli-young-talent-award-2023/

2023 Village Capital Financial Solutions for Migrants for Innovation

Financial Solutions for Migrants is an accelerator for impact-driven startups developing bold solutions that have the potential to increase the financial inclusion of migrants, including refugees, and especially target women. This program is funded by the Impact-Linked Fund for Gender Inclusive Fintechs (ILF for GIF) and managed by the Impact-Linked Finance Fund. The ILF for GIF provides Impact-Linked Finance and technical assistance to fintechs to incentivize a stronger focus on gender transformative outcomes.

Eligible Countries: Africa, Middle East, South Asia

Type: Award

Number of Awards: Not specified

Apply Successfully for this award right now by following instructions provided at this link; https://vilcap.com/programs/refugeetech-and-migranttech

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Eni/St Antony’s College Scholarships for African Student at Oxford University – UK, 2023

 Eni in partnership with St Anthony’s is offering an amazing scholarship to African students who are interested in pursuing a degree program in Oxford University, UK

This scholarship will enable St Antony’s to admit up to three of the best African students regardless of financial means, adding immeasurably to the college’s diverse and intellectual character. This is part of a joint Eni and St Antony’s College initiative to invest in and strengthen African leadership.

Eligible Countries: Angola, Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria, and the Republic of the Congo (Congo-Brazzaville).

Type: Masters

Number of Awards: Not mentioned

Value of Award: 100% of fees and an annual grant for living costs. The stipend for courses with different durations will be adjusted accordingly.

The scholarship also covers one economy return airfare from your home country to the UK at the start and end of your course.

Eligible Field of Studies:

  • MSc African Studies
  • MSc Economic & Social History
  • MSc Economics for Development
  • MSc Global Governance and Diplomacy

Apply Successfully for this scholarship right now by following instructions provided at this link; https://www.sant.ox.ac.uk/node/273/eni-scholarships

2023 Global Education Merit Scholarships at Western Michigan University, USA

We are excited to announce the Western Michigan University (WMU) Global Education Merit Scholarship for international students starting Fall 2023 and onward.

WMU is proud of its deep and historic commitment to international student success and well-being. We are among only 50% of public universities to offer a scholarship designed for international students.

Eligible Countries: International

Type: Undergraduate

Value of Awards: $5,000

Number of Awards: Not known

Apply Successfully for this scholarship right now by following instructions provided at this link; https://wmich.edu/internationaladmissions/financialaid/undergraduate#gem


Can I apply for both the Rhodes Scholarship and the Clarendon Scholarship at Oxford University?

Yes, you can apply for both scholarships, but each scholarship has its own application process and eligibility criteria.

Are these scholarships open to international students?

Yes, both Oxford University and Western Michigan University scholarships are open to international students. Be sure to review the specific eligibility requirements for each scholarship.

What is the application deadline for these scholarships?

Application deadlines vary by scholarship and university. Make sure to visit the official scholarship pages for accurate and up-to-date information.

Are these scholarships renewable for multiple years?

Some scholarships may be renewable, while others may have specific terms. It’s important to read the scholarship details to understand the terms of renewal.

How competitive are these scholarships?

Both Oxford University and Western Michigan University are prestigious institutions, so scholarships are highly competitive. Strong academic records, leadership qualities, and compelling application materials can increase your chances.

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