WAEC Result 2023 is out – Check your WASSCE Result

WAEC Result 2023 is out! You can now check your WAEC result online via https://www.waecdirect.org. WAEC releases 2023 May/June examination results; WAEC releases 2023 WASSCE results

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC), on Monday, announced the release of 2023 May/June West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) school candidates. The announcement was made in Lagos by the Head of Nigeria’s Office (HNO) of WAEC, Patrick Areghan.

A total of 1,613,733 candidates sat the examination, out of which 1,287,920 (representing 79.81%) obtained credits and above in at least five mandatory subjects, including English Language and Mathematics, which is a marginal increase from that of 76.36% of last year.

Areghan stated that the expenses for organizing school-based exams and exams for private candidates have significantly increased, mainly because of the high inflation caused by the removal of fuel subsidies. Because of this, WAEC aims to receive full payment from the state governments that owe money before releasing the results of their candidates. Areghan also expressed worry about the inconsistent performance of candidates in the exams and expressed strong concern about the widespread cheating in the exams, attributing this issue to various factors.

He mentioned that a lot of students these days don’t prepare properly for exams because they rely on something called “Expo,” which doesn’t actually exist. This practice is also fueled by certain individuals who run questionable websites and some owners of social media platforms. These people post question papers online right after the exams begin, and some students even use mobile phones during exams, despite the ban on such devices.

However, he assured that WAEC would continue to take action against any instances of cheating in exams and those responsible for it. This includes not only students but also schools, administrators, invigilators, and supervisors. The goal is to completely eliminate unethical behaviors from the system.

Areghan also expressed concern about the security situation in certain parts of the country, particularly in the North West and some eastern states where there are sit-at-home orders and incidents of armed robberies, which significantly affected the organization during the exam process. He emphasized that the council managed to receive support from state governments and security agencies to address these challenges.

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He mentioned that his time as the HNO (Head of National Office) would come to a close in October. Areghan also pointed out that the results for candidates with special requirements, such as those with visual impairments (109), hearing impairments (386), physical challenges (34), and 33 others, have been made available, just like the results for everyone else.

He further mentioned that candidates will be able to check their results online on the council’s website in the next 12 hours. The website address is www.waecdirect.org. Additionally, they can access their digital certificates at www.waec.org. To do this, they should use the Smart Identity Card that they used during the exam.

In a historic move by WAEC, candidates will now have the opportunity, starting from 12 hours from now, to access their exam results online and also download digital copies of their certificates directly from the council’s website. However, physical copies of certificates will still be sent to their respective schools at a later time.

Out of the total number of candidates who took the examination, which was 1,613,733, the results for 262,803 candidates are currently being withheld due to reported cases of exam misconduct. WAEC also revealed that the 2023 WASSCE results can now be viewed together with the candidates’ certificates.

How to check WAEC Result 2023

To check the released WAEC Result 2023, candidate that sat for the 2023 WAEC exam, should follow the steps below and check their results.

  • Log on to https://www.waecdirect.org/
  • Enter Examination number
  • Select Examination year as 2023
  • Select Examination type as SCHOOL CANDIDATES RESULT
  • Enter your PIN and serial number
  • Then click on submit to view your results

WAEC withholds results of over 200,000 candidates, records 79.81% pass

The examination body said out of a total of 1,613,733 candidates that sat the examination, the WAEC Result 2023 of 262,803 candidates are being withheld “due to reports of cases of examination malpractice.”

In the previous year, 76.36 percent of the 1,601,047 candidates who took the exam managed to achieve credits or higher in at least five subjects, including English Language and Mathematics.

The release of the 2023 exam results is expected to bring a sense of optimism for candidates aiming to secure admission into colleges and universities. Some of these candidates took the 2023 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and hadn’t yet submitted their required SSCE results during the application process, stating that they were awaiting their results.

Areghan, mentioned that among the candidates who participated in Nigeria, the results for 1,476,565 candidates (representing 91.5 percent) have been fully processed and made available, while 137,168 candidates (8.5 percent) are still undergoing processing for a few of their subjects. He explained that the delay is due to various issues such as shortcomings, lack of effort, incomplete CASS upload, not following guidelines, and more. These challenges are associated with both the schools and the candidates involved.

From the total of 1,613,733 candidates who took the exam, Mr. Areghan highlighted that 794,280 were male, making up 49.22 percent, and 819,453 were female, accounting for 50.78 percent.

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He also mentioned that there were 70,794 candidates with different levels of special needs: 109 were visually impaired, 386 had hearing impairments, 33 had both spastic and mental challenges, and 34 were physically challenged. Adequate arrangements were made to accommodate these candidates during the exam administration. Their results have been processed and are now being released alongside the results of other candidates.

Access to digital certificates

Areghan went on to explain that the WAEC Result 2023 of those who took the WASSCE are currently being uploaded onto the results website. What’s exciting is that candidates will now have the ability to access their digital certificates right alongside their results. He emphasized, “For candidates who successfully completed the WASSCE for school candidates in 2023 and have no outstanding issues, like unresolved queries or cases of exam misconduct, your digital certificates are now available on the digital certificate platform.”

Additionally, he mentioned that the process of printing the physical copies (hard copies) of the certificates will begin 90 days from today. This innovation is designed to streamline the admission process, making it smoother and more flexible for students.

As for checking the results online, candidates will need to use the result checker PIN and serial number found on their smart identity card, the same card they used during the examination.

Areghan also highlighted some significant accomplishments during his time leading WAEC. Apart from the introduction of digital certificates, the council introduced the Educational Statistics (EDUSTAT) platform, which allows stakeholders to access statistics online. Another notable achievement was the establishment of the WAEC Nigeria Digital Printing Press (WNDPP) after 71 years of the council’s existence, alongside other digital platforms.

These initiatives are aimed at improving the accessibility and convenience of important educational processes for both candidates and stakeholders.

To check your WAEC Result 2023, Log on to https://www.waecdirect.org/



When would WAEC 2023 result be out?

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) officially released WASSCE results on Monday, 7th August 2023

How can I check my WAEC 2023 result?

To check your WAEC Result 2023, follow these steps:

  • Log on to https://www.waecdirect.org/
  • Enter Examination number
  • Select Examination year as 2023
  • Select Examination type as SCHOOL CANDIDATES RESULT
  • Enter your PIN and serial number
  • Then click on submit to view your results
How can I check my WAEC result by PIN?

To check your WAEC result pin, you need a WAEC Direct Scratch card to use this text message method. The PIN from the scratch card is what you’ll put in the PIN section of the SMS you send to 32327. Apart from via SMS, students registered for the May/June examination can access their results through the WAEC portal.

How can I check my WAEC results online?
  • To check your WAEC results online via Serial Number, follow these steps:
  • Make sure you are connected to stable internet data or wifi.
  • Visit www.waecdirect.org.
  • Input your 10-digit Examination number.
  • Input the Serial Number.
  • Input the Examination year.
  • Click on Check my WAEC Result.
How many years does it take for original WAEC result to be out?

Receiving one’s original WAEC certificate can take up to a year after the exams. Because of this reason, when a student graduates from a secondary school, the school issues a WAEC Statement of Results with its letterhead, which can be used in the absence of the original copy of the WAEC certificate.

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