Top 16 International Scholarships For Canada Students – Apply Now

In this article, we’ll be looking at the top 10 international scholarships that can significantly alleviate the financial burden of studying in Canada.

Securing funding for higher education is a paramount concern for international students, especially in a country like Canada known for its quality education. Fortunately, Canada offers a plethora of scholarships tailored to support students from around the globe.

For over 20 years, Canada was ranked as being among the Top 10 Canada Scholarships For International Students. It has become a popular country chosen by international students who seek to continue their academic studies abroad.

It is one of the countries who have high education system with lower costs compared to US. Moreover, Canada provides an option that many international students seek, which is a direct path to permanent citizenship.

Canadian universities are known by their outstanding academic programs and degrees as those in the US, and 5 of them are ranked among the top 100 in the world.

Studying in Canada is a good opportunity for students as they can boost their knowledge and skills, and benefit from the high standards in education in Canada.

Below is the list of the top Canadian scholarships you can benefit from.

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Top 10 International Scholarships For Canada Students

Commonwealth Scholarship Program

The Commonwealth Scholarship Program is a beacon of hope for many aspiring students worldwide. It offers opportunities for Canadians to pursue postgraduate studies in various Commonwealth countries, including Canada. The program covers a wide range of disciplines, providing a chance for students to immerse themselves in a culturally diverse and intellectually stimulating environment.

Fulbright Foreign Student Program

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program is a prestigious initiative that fosters cross-cultural exchange by enabling international students, including those from Canada, to study in the United States. This program not only covers tuition and living expenses but also facilitates invaluable networking and cultural experiences. It’s a transformative opportunity for Canadian students to broaden their horizons.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

For those aiming for excellence in research, the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships are a game-changer. These scholarships are awarded to doctoral students who demonstrate academic excellence, research potential, and leadership skills. With generous funding, recipients can focus on their studies and contribute to cutting-edge research in their respective fields.

Global Affairs Canada Scholarships

Global Affairs Canada offers a range of scholarships for international students, facilitating educational exchange and fostering diplomatic relations. These scholarships cover various study levels, from undergraduate to doctoral, and encompass a diverse array of fields. This initiative not only supports students financially but also cultivates a global perspective among future leaders.

Ontario Trillium Scholarships

Ontario, one of Canada’s most vibrant provinces, beckons international students with the Ontario Trillium Scholarships. These scholarships are awarded to outstanding students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, across all disciplines. They not only ease the financial burden but also recognize and celebrate academic excellence.

Quebec Merit Scholarship Program

Quebec, with its unique cultural identity, beckons international students through the Quebec Merit Scholarship Program. This initiative offers a range of scholarships for international students at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels. It’s a testament to Quebec’s commitment to excellence in education and cultural diversity.

University-Specific Scholarships

Many universities in Canada also offer their own scholarships for international students. These can range from entrance scholarships for outstanding students to department-specific awards for academic achievements. It’s worth researching and reaching out to the respective universities to explore the plethora of opportunities they may offer.

Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships:

The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships is a program at the Toronto university provided to recongnize international students who excel in academics and creativity and are recognized as elites within their own school . Tuition ; Incidental fees ; Books and full residence support will be covered by the scholarship for 4 years .

Winnipeg President’s Scholarships For World Leaders:

The scholarship is from $3.500 to $5.000, and is awarded to international students entering any division of the university for the first time.

Humber College International Entrance Scholarship:

Renewable partial and full tuiyion scholarships are offered by Humber in Sptember and January of each year to new international students begining classes then.

Carleton Prestige Scholarships:

The Chancellor’s Scholarship,, the Carleton University Scholarship of exellence, The Richard Lewar Entrance scholarship, The Carleton university SHAD scholarship has a value of CAD 20,000-30,000, As for the Riordon Scholarship, and the Collins Prestige Scholarship, they cover full tuituin fees for four years.

These prestige scholarships are offered by Carleton university to outstanding new undergraduate students having an admission average of 90% better.

Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships:

The scholarships are available to foreing nations (prefarably from the devoloping world) applying to a doctoral program in the humanities and social science or registered full-time in a program at a canadian university in its first or second year, For a maximum of three years, the annual value is up to $60,000 per scholarship.

University Of British Columbia Scholarships For International Students:

University of British Columbia acknowleges students from all aroud the world with formidable academic achievements, scholarships, awards and other forms of financial aid for international undergraduate students.

York University International Scholarship Program:

International students who have exceptional academic records and admitted to York university are entiteled for scholarships woth $60,000 – $100,000 for a degree program of four years.

University Of Calgary Graduate Awards:

University of Calgary Graduate Awards offrs a vast range of partial and full scholarships for international students, Scholarship value range from $1,000 – 40,000 and covers various study fields.

Calgary International Entrance Scholarships

Calgary International Entrance Scholarships is a high-end award that acknowledges astonishing achievements of international students starting their undergraduate studies at the university. $60 ,000 being the total amount for over four yeard of undergraduate program.


How do I apply for these international scholarships?

Each scholarship has its own application process. It’s recommended to visit the respective websites for detailed information and application guidelines.

What are the eligibility criteria for these international scholarships?

Eligibility criteria vary for each scholarship. They may be based on factors like academic merit, leadership skills, and community involvement. Refer to the specific scholarship’s guidelines for details.

Can I apply for multiple international scholarships?

Yes, you can apply for multiple scholarships as long as you meet the eligibility criteria for each one. However, ensure that you carefully read and follow the application instructions for each scholarship.

Are there scholarships for undergraduate students as well?

Yes, several scholarships listed here cater to undergraduate students. Be sure to check the specific requirements for each scholarship.

What other financial aid options are available for international students in Canada?

In addition to scholarships, international students can explore opportunities for on-campus work, off-campus work permits, and various provincial and federal financial aid programs. It’s advisable to consult the respective institutions or immigration authorities for detailed information.

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